The UK-EU trade deal, announced on 24 December 2020, includes agreements on air transport and aviation safety which are due to come into effect at 23.00 GMT on 31 December 2020 when the UK ceases to take part in the EU Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and other EU institutions.

While the agreements involve some elements of continuity, they do not constitute a replication of the UK’s regulatory arrangements as part of the EASA/EU framework. Many sections of the aviation and aerospace industries will face changes after 31 December, as this microsite sets out.

We will study the detail of the new agreements and will update relevant pages of the microsite as information becomes clearer about how the new arrangements will work in practice.

Preparing for the transition period ending with the UK no longer an EASA participant

We have been preparing for the transition period ending with the UK no longer an EASA participant for some time to ensure that, in this scenario, there would be maximum stability for passengers and the aviation and aerospace sectors. A short summary guide to the regulatory framework in this scenario is here. Please note this will be updated as more details of the UK-EU agreements become available.

Video recordings of CAA webinars on changes to the regulatory framework, which were made before the UK-EU agreements were reached, are available to view on the 'Webinars' page on this microsite.

The purpose of this microsite

The CAA has developed this microsite to be a central source of information for the aviation and aerospace industries about the actions they need to take to be prepared for the UK no longer participating in EASA systems and UK-issued safety certificates no longer automatically recognised within the EU.

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This microsite is aimed at individuals in the aviation and aerospace industries. The Government and the CAA are working closely with the industry to seek to maximise continuity and stability for aviation whatever conditions exist at the end of the Brexit transition period. Our aim is for consumers to notice as little impact as possible on their air travel arrangements at that point.