Operators and manufacturers of drones may find the information on this page helpful in the event that no deal is agreed between the EU and the UK.

What happens to the UK’s UAS regulation in the event of a non-negotiated withdrawal?

The current regulatory regime is covered by national rather than European legislation, so there would be no changes to the existing regulations or system. This includes our charges and validity periods of permissions and exemptions.

Will the UK be adopting the EU-UAS implementing rule being developed by EASA? 

The UK has been directly involved in assisting EASA develop the new proposals for Europe-wide regulations and much of the UK Government’s recent work to develop drone regulations are in line with future EASA plans. However, this has regulation has not yet been approved by EASA and the EU.  The UK will decide whether to adopt this regulation in due course, depending on when it is agreed. 

In the future, when I must register to be a UK drone operator, will that registration be recognised in EU countries?

The UK registration system being currently developed meets the requirements set out by EASA for the future EU drone registration scheme. Our aim is that our registration system is compatible with other European registration systems.