If no deal is agreed between the EU and the UK, Approved Training Organisations (ATO), Declared Training Organisations (DTO) and Registered Training Facilities (RF) might need to take action. Actions required would depend on individual circumstances and are a matter for each business and individual to consider. This page sets what you need to consider to prepare for such an eventuality.

UK issued ATO, DTO and RF

Existing training organisation approvals and/or declarations would remain valid under UK law. Registered Training Facilities (RFs) ceased to be valid on 8 April 2019, from this date RFs were required to become a Declared Training Organisation (DTO) or an Approved Training Organisation (ATO) in order to continue to provide training for the issue of Part-FCL licences, Ratings or Certificates.

Where a Competent Authority other than the CAA would be the State of Licence issue, the European Commission has said that it would not recognise training courses conducted by UK-issued approved or declared training organisations where training for a licence, rating or certificate is completed after the UK leaves the EU.

Therefore, prior to commencing a course of theoretical knowledge or flight training for a pilot’s licence, rating or certificate we recommend that Heads of Training contact EASA or the appropriate competent authority to establish what training would be recognised.


Can I seek a new a third country approval from EASA before the withdrawal date?

From October 2 2018, EASA has said that it will accept third country applications from UK Approved Training Organisations. Organisations will need to decide whether, in a non-negotiated withdrawal, they wish to retain both a national and an EASA approval.

The CAA intends to continue to recognise current (and valid) EASA certificates for an initial period of up to two years, but no decision has been made about ongoing validity after this period.


*UPDATE* I am currently training with non-UK Approved ATO (or DTO) for my Part-FCL licence, which will be issued by the UK. Will my training still be recognised?

Yes. your training will be recognised for up to two years after EU exit day if you are training with at an ATO or DTO located outside the UK which had their Approval Certificate issued prior to EU exit day and which continued to be valid during the training period.