The UK Government has agreed with the European Union a deferral of the UK’s exit date until no later than October 31, 2019. Until exit takes place, the UK will remain a participant in the European Aviation Safety Agency system and existing regulatory arrangements continue to apply. The CAA will provide further updates as necessary.

Determining the future relationship between the UK and the EU on aviation connectivity and regulation is a matter for the UK Government in its negotiations with the EU. In the immediate future, it is highly possible that the UK could leave the EU around 31 October with a Withdrawal Agreement in place, or leave without such an Agreement.

We are providing information on this microsite to enable aviation businesses and organisations to make their own decisions on how to prepare for these different scenarios, regardless of any views on their relative likelihood.

Preparing for a non-negotiated withdrawal

As a responsible regulator, we need to prepare for the possibility that no agreement is reached between the UK and the EU before UK leaves EU. We have been undertaking this work for some time to ensure there is maximum continuity and stability for travelling passengers and the aviation and aerospace sectors should a no-deal scenario occur.

On 24 September 2018, the UK Government published technical notices that outline in detail the implications of a non-negotiated withdrawal from the EU on the aviation and aerospace industries. These covered aviation safety, aviation security and air services. We continue to urge our stakeholders to read these technical notices and consider as soon as possible what action they might need to take to maintain continuity and stability of aviation services they provide. 

On 7 March 2019, the Government published a further technical notice setting out the UK’s position on reciprocity of rights for airlines from EU countries. This document, which is the UK’s response to the measures contained in the EU’s no-deal air connectivity regulation, provides further information about the basis on which flights will continue between UK and EU in the event of ‘no deal’. The document was updated on 5 September, extending the provisions contained to October 2020, reflecting the revised 31 October 2019 Brexit date and a correspondent extension of the provisions contained in the EU connectivity regulation.

The purpose of this microsite

The CAA has developed this microsite to be a central source of information for the aviation and aerospace industries about the actions they would need to take to be prepared for a no deal withdrawal from the EU. Where a specific action is required, this is emphasised.  

The content of this microsite is based on the information set out in the Government’s technical notices and is subject to current understanding about the Government’s policy and how it would incorporate the EU aviation body of law into UK law under the Withdrawal Act.  Any changes to the Government’s policy or legal framework could lead to changes to the information contained on this website. 

The CAA has also created this short introduction to what a non-negotiated withdrawal means for aviation safety regulation. 

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This microsite is aimed at individuals in the aviation and aerospace industries. The Government and the CAA are working closely with the industry to seek to maximise continuity and stability for aviation in the event that no deal can be agreed between the UK and the EU. Our aim is for consumers to notice as little impact as possible on their air travel arrangements once the UK has formally withdrawn from the EU.